Abu Garcia – Salty Stage KR-X Jigging


Abu Garcia - Salty Stage KR-X Jigging

Fuji KR Guide Concept
Light weight Fuji KR guide concept increases graphite performance.Tight line control reduces loose loops and increases sensitivity providing more direct contact with jigs on the drop. All guides are double wrapped for strength.

Composite blank
A powerful composite blank, carbon to glass ration varying depending on the model. This ratio combined with the taper delivers the optimum combination of tip action and backbone needed for working jigs, solid hook sets and lifting power to move and control strong fish.

X wrap
Further increase in blank performance is achieved with a carbon X wrap. The cross wrapped carbon reduces twist in the rod increasing torque and power while also increasing compression strength.

Grip Design
Comfortable ergonomic grip design incorporating custom carbon wrap Fuji winch. Hybrid grip system for the best in comfort, grip and sensitivity. Beautifully finished grip configuration including engraved Abu Garcia logo and crest.

Length: 6’3″
Jig Weight: 80 grams
Line Weight: PE1.5
Length: 6’3″
Jig Weight: 120 grams
Line Weight: PE1.5
Length: 6’3″
Jig Weight: 150 grams
Line Weight: PE1.5