SOM – Blue Heaven L50HI/R S2T


SOM - Blue Heaven L50HI/R S2T

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A cork knob is perfectly fitted to the lightweight, highly sensitive arm which makes it lighter and more sensitive than EVA. The knob cap is a special setting, aimed at improving the sensitivity as well as weight saving with the end part release shape.

The pearing side of the frame as boldly been scraped which has upgraded the strength due to the bridging shape. In a slow pitch jerk with a lot of bare handing palming the reel, these cuts have been expertly trialled and tested to ensure the utmost comfort and will not cause stress during fishing. This design has brought about a significant reduction in weight and has clearly different side effects of sensitivity improvement from the previous generation.

  • HI = Slow pitch Game
  • Model: Blue Heaven L50hi/R S2T
  • Ratio: 6.3:1 (110cm)
  • Drag: 9kg
  • Bearings: ACBB x1, Ball x8, Roller x1
  • Colour: Black/Silver
  • Own Weight: 468g
  • PE 4 – 450 (300) m*
  • PE 3 – 650 (400) m *
  • PE 2 – 1000 m*
  • PE 1.5 – 1200 m *
    * In parentheses when using economizer