*Gan Craft – Ocean Killers


*Gan Craft - Ocean Killers

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Ocean Killers biggest feature, stickiness of the rod when multiplied by the repulsive force and a large blank.
Moderate repulsive force was no blanks, help the self-running of the jig as well as to assist the jerk of the angler, and easily produce a movement of more natural jig. In addition, Fight of the room with a big shot in the stickiness which gave the butt from the berry when multiplied by the fish of the large. The length is 0.00 stroke of jerking enough, was set to yet operability nice 6.2ft.All four items so that all of the models can be operated with as much as possible the same feeling has been set to the same length.
Guide use the upscale larger Sic. Dare also corresponds to the thick line by increasing the ring diameter. In addition, the strength of the guide itself was also UP.
Point of water depth and tidal currents, weight and type of jig in consideration of the target to aim, the thickness of the line, and that the aim of the various targets in the field around the country by going in combination respectively ♯0 ~ ♯3 of Ocean Killers I can.

The total length of the rod, operability, kind of reel seat, from the length of the grip to design, jigging rod stuck in the details
“Ocean Killers”. Veteran of jigging, of course, and finished to a rod that I would like you to be with the person who I think I want to now start a jigging.

Ocean Killers First
Length: 6’2
Line Weight: PE 1-2
Jig Weight: 80-150g
Rod Weight: 130g aprox
Ocean Killers Second
Length: 6’2
Line Weight: PE 1.2-2.5
Jig Weight: 100-200g
Rod Weight: 135g aprox