Lamble Bait – Haoli King

$23.95 — $28.95

Lamble Bait - Haoli King

Translated from the Japanese website:

A jig that moves like an angler! ! 
I want to sharper and more obediently react to rod work.
The development of “Haori – King” began with the aim of “Jig moving as it was”.
By thinning the front part to the limit, it reduces the resistance (pull) to water flow, and the slide speed after the jerk greatly improved. By raising the edge, we succeeded in improving drainage and amplifying the sliding action in the horizontal direction.

You can demonstrate high performance as it firmly bites water! 
Under the deep range or complex strange tidal current, the original action may be canceled by water pressure or line tension, but “Haori – King” chews water firmly even under such bad conditions that such a difficult attack is not good I will slide.
It responds gently to small rod work, and repeating the slide action accompanied by hill strokes in a continuous short jerk makes rhythmic dockwalk movement easy to produce by rod work.

Shape that was proven and appealing to fish in color! 
By increasing the width of the slide to the side, the appeal power increased by 10% (compared to our company).Also, by long slide in the middle of a jerk action, give the timing to eat, the hit ratio is improved.
This form, which produces bigger and more sensitive actions, also gives Jiga the pleasure of manipulating the jig with rod work at the same time.
I prepared all the coloring which was also real fishing with color and had a proven track record.
Please choose the most efficient one depending on the environment such as season, field, water depth. The speed to fishing is doubled! ! ! 

Released in 1989