MC Works – Duel Edge 643LR

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MC Works - Duel Edge 643LR

Most feel can be 3 power model find a new revolution of JIG ROD. RF2 while inherit the power manipulation feeling 4 realizes the power equivalent of the bat power. It can be used in most of the waters if the waters.
Those who thought it strange wrote is great. Some of this because he is aware that there is no item that can continue to operate. Because if these elements can perfectly understand, because should I Surere only when the catch conditions jigging.
But the reality is, either if you are jigging in uncertain circumstances determination is majority. So “. To continue to operation”, it is coming to the top of the duty element. I want to ask defunct misunderstanding this thing.
What does it mean to be an operation and the rod can continue. First, absolutely light, or that you have a light operability. Then the easy to move naturally jig, it is a rod which does not give an unnecessary movement in the jig. This was given to the jig extra movement along with the contact increases, but for, can save the useless physical strength. Bend strongly the rod, and the angler to ascertain the strength of the rod, but see a rod constructor and testers to sell its strength, ease of Fight, in waters jigging full of Nanbo of pressure over the , the priority is not the first place. Let alone, not so much the need too committed to fight make a rod. Length and balance that corresponds to it and tip-berry tone for jigging rod is what is the most important.
We have seen the reality satiate been involved with for many years inshore jigging. In the course, elements that seek to rod has been clear. In other words, “it can continue to operate,” “be easy to put out leaching action of not is” I most important is the two points. Abroad and, to the people who can fishing on favorable terms, such as pursuant to it, but the fighting ability would above all come to the largest, fierce riding together ship of coastal waters is the fishing of all different conditions.
We, the developed EVOLUTION and REAL FUSION according to the thinking, especially in REAL FUSION, as the style of the order to give the results to the energy saving, ask the world a row response jigging. Then, early 5 years.
Wax response ism is thin enough to master, evolved toughness and crab rod, it has expanded the contact chance of the target. Other hand, Fighting value that depends on the rod power is gradually reduced, and the large fish has arisen the need to learn a fight that depends on the drag. With extremely sharpened one, inevitable to some extent of one of the parameters slide into decline. It is a reality of industrial products. However, high Fight of the reel drag depend on skilled not when the collar that was given the chance to reply to the target, the induction of at boat side or did not work.
Beginner is to argue with the amberjack of 10kg over in REAL FISION of 1 power realistic in is extremely difficult. Sharpened rod for those skilled, but the highest of the sword (Yaiba), if that can not be handled only in no use razor to spill blade.
Concept of DUAL EDGE include, but are not mentioned harping because they wrote the story as a “development concept” in our catalog, but that the low response model that can fight to make a rod to put it plainly. Of course, if the 3 power model more REAL FUSION becomes possible even fight that made a rod, but 1-2 terrifying much of the operation feeling and of power, the sensitivity of the sensitive tip section to grab even a change of tide firmly It will come to reduce.
In contrast DUAL EDGE 4 power equivalent to bat Sekushi Yon while giving the 2 power equivalent of the tip of the REAL FUSOIN 3 power, the final limit is to have a more versus the drag strength. By design, this property is impossible or become heavy rod useless in the conventional design, the rod was too rising butt section. Its bizarre bend of the rod has a low limit, the greater the breakage risk.
I wrote the previous made a rod to fight is not so important, but the target is beyond the assumption, if the angler is unfamiliar with the drag-dependent, it is a valid property. This rod does not want We misunderstanding in development is that it is not to make a vertical Fight facing jigging rod of Haidoragu. While remembering 2 power equivalent of ultra-low rebound tip of REAL FUSION, it is that it also allows for a fight that made a rod in Haidoragu. Struggling to design if strong only of the rod is not needed.
Product version of DUAL EDGE was completed a long test and considerable real fishing data to the base is a good workmanship to say perfection.
As regard to the carbon structure, but I am your description is not omitted because there can not be published part, have a characteristic that slide into only against the high drag values while maintaining the natural Bendigu. Excellent thing is its lightness. Especially a lack of Mochiomori feeling. Lightly more than real weight for weight trout are concentrated from the butt end around reel seat, it is that has become a rod to be felt in a low moment. And grip has been designed so that it does not crowded as much as possible the bend. Why can become difficult to psychologically lift the grip bends big but, there is also a side effect of preventing the adhesion peeling of the reel seat.
After, you have you use in real fishing, is only you to enjoy the high drag Fight fully.

Line Weight:
PE 2-4
Jig Weight:
250G MAX