Reel Spa – More Better Grease 10g


Reel Spa - More Better Grease 10g

“Applying the ‘More Better Grease’ to my personal SOM L30. Notice how the grease stretches yet stays stuck to the main gears teeth it doesn’t get pushed out the top like other greases.” – Tyrone, Tackle HQ Store Manager. (Watch Tyrone’s video here)

“More Better” Grease is a high quality, medium viscosity synthetic oil based lubricant that is designed to lube and protect the gearing found in all type of fishing reels. Formulated with a proprietary blend of high concentrate PTFE substrate, the “More Better” Grease (unlike other low viscosity, off-the-shelf reel grease), when applied to gearing, will maintain its composition and holding without permeating out of the gear meshing, even with heavy usage.

Exhibiting characteristics of low friction, high water barrier and high heat resistance from its PTFE blend, the More Better Grease, will not just only keep the gears of a fishing reel spinning smoothly, it can also be applied with non-permeable, Carbontex drag systems to prevent stickiness.

As a general guideline, carefully remove all dirt and salt deposit with a suitable degreasing solvent from the reel’s gearing. Use a brush to apply the Reel Spa “More Better” sparingly over the tops of the gear teeth in a dab-drag-dab pattern, cleaning off any access that is applied, to achieve best possible results.

More Better Grease application demo: