Seafloor Control ‘Four of a Kind’ Ace Jigs

$33.95 — $44.95

Seafloor Control 'Four of a Kind' Ace Jigs


Limited Edition ‘Four of a Kind’ Ace Abyss jigs. Four to collect, all available in 100g, 130g & 200g.

  • Ace of Hearts (Purple/Silver)
  • Ace of Diamonds (Black/Silver)
  • Ace of Clubs (Red/Silver)
  • Ace of Spades (Blue/Silver)

“Free to control, for skilled anglers. The skilled angler who wants to enjoy by freely using technique no matter the water conditions. The streamlined silhouette gives availability to control your jig at will. Manipulate falling action and adjusting slide length depends on your target fish behaviour. Experienced slow-pitch angler will find next level of slow-pitch jerk world.” – Seafloor Control

Made in Japan.