*SOM – Blue Heaven L30 OGM (Slow Style Left Hand)


*SOM - Blue Heaven L30 OGM (Slow Style Left Hand)

*Left hand wind* – Comes with zip-able soft reel bag

“S2T = Slow Style Tunning” and “PSG = Power Slow Game” finally finished to the level of satisfaction by repeating trial production and field test several times. It is a special limited edition model of Blue Haven L50 / 30 that features Daejeon garage quality and throw only function, and sends it to the angler who knows the slow pitch jerk.

  • Lighter weight, higher sensitivity and higher strength
  • All carbon arm with weighted cork knob (AE82
  • Stainless steel gear
  • Lever drag
  • Features leaver brake system
  • Ratio: 6.3:1 (99cm)
  • Drag: 7kg
  • Bearings: 8+1+1
  • Colour: Black/Gold
  • Weight: 375g
  • PE No. 2-700m (300m*)
    PE 1.5-1000m (400m*)
    PE 1.2-1200m (550m*)
    * In parentheses when using economizer