Xesta – Slow Emotion Jig
Slippy 500g


Xesta - Slow Emotion Jig
Slippy 500g

Fall dedicated shape corresponding to the slow jigging. “It was eaten during the fall!” Would that this phenomenon has been selectively prey on bait that is falling. Weak bait should also be weakly Dart Some when straight rises. However in order to fall the metal jig, it is necessary to increase a distance it is desired to fall. It is called to eaten in Fall XESTA thought when starting from the place to be to rise (levitation) the “weakly” metal jig, paying attention to the rising action that tricks work. The pull resistance was reduced when the metal jig to rise regardless of the water depth by containing cut to the left and right, we want to produce a bait to rise. Fall is designed to allow series in the most flashy flat out fall, to strongly appeal to enter even a little to the target line-of-sight in the blink. And you will be able to enjoy the latest falling style that emphasizes a process for applying all the fall.

  • 18cm
  • 500g