Zipbaits – Khamsin Tiny SR 40mm


Zipbaits - Khamsin Tiny SR 40mm

Our most popular Zipbait Khamsin range works well with a slow roll, crank or twitch.

ZipBaits are lures what test the limits of performance for fishing lures. All of the weights for this product are made from very high specific density material, tungsten “Super sinker MZ-19 (PAT. PAT.P)”. Because of the high specific gravity value for this material, it is able to perform the same function as an equal amount of lead, but in around half the cubic volume. This allows the lures to have a very low center of balance, providing strong rolling action along with an extremely stable characteristic action. Moreover, it maintains the necessary balance even when twitching and jerking. Also in 2001 the “MAG-DRIVE (PAT. PAT.P) system” is being introduced so that through it`s unique construction, high castability and high dimensions in action balance may be realized.

  • 40mm | 2.8g | Suspending
  • Rigged with trebles
  • Made in Japan